We can build together what we cannot build alone.

$5 Million

Total Pledged
Last updated: 3/18/2016





“There’s no greater joy than the lost being found.”

Since Highpoint Church started, we have come together to advance the mission God has for our church. We’ve consistently pursued more space at optimal times in order to make room for those we have not yet reached. We’ve changed locations three times, ultimately purchased our current East Memphis campus, and started the Highpoint Collierville campus, all because there’s no greater joy than the lost being found.

We’ve never been content with the lost remaining lost. We strive for exponential growth through multiplication. Our ministries currently reach over 5,000 people every month. All this is made possible by multiplying our locations, our groups, and our influence. This isn’t about being big – we’re already big. It’s about reaching people by creating inspirational experiences and irresistible environments that attract unchurched people. It’s about a partnership for the greater good. We can build together what we cannot build alone.

Our Goal

No Greater Joy isn’t just a campaign; it is a reality that we experience every week when we celebrate with people who come to know Christ and “go public” in baptism. Our goal is to move people, maximize excellence, and multiply opportunities.


We are building the most inviting and inspiring environments for the home we call Highpoint in East Memphis, Collierville, and beyond. Why? Because there’s No Greater Joy than coming home.

The No Greater Joy campaign consists of the following renovations:

East Memphis Campus
  • Exterior improvements: parking, landscaping, signage, and updated appearance
  • Expanded and renovated auditorium: theater-style seating, lighting, video projection, HVAC upgrades, and interior design
  • Expanded and renovated entrance: lobby, porch, and courtyard
  • Student Centers: middle and high school ministries
Collierville Campus
  • Investing in a permanent campus we can call home
  • Auditorium improvements: new seats, lighting, and video projection
  • Children and student improvements: equipment and furniture for new environments

Strategically located to reach Memphis and beyond

82 ZIP Codes Represented

God has given us influence greater than a single location. Therefore, it’s our responsibility and privilege to maximize that influence through a multi-site strategy.

Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story exists for the glory of God.

In the last three years, we have:



Celebrated with 253 people “going public” in baptism.



Seen regular attendance increase 100%.


Holy Week

Served 16,999 during Holy Week.


ZIP Codes

Reached 82 different ZIP codes.



Started a campus in Collierville, TN that is experiencing exponential growth.


Innovation Church

Helped start Innovation Church which is averaging over 400 in attendance.


Growth Track

Walked with 946 through Growth Track.


Making Marriage Make Sense (MMMS)

Trained over 160 couples in 3 semesters through our Making Marriage Make Sense course.


Miss Perfect

Seen 614 women experience the Miss Perfect study.


Local Missions

Served Overton High School, Single Parents, Celebrate Recovery, Christmas in a Red Bag, Memphis Union Mission, and Prison Ministry.


Global Missions

Sent people to Peru, Cuba, and Kenya.



Reached 146 countries with our website.


Life change is God’s return on investment.
We encourage you to intentionally and prayerfully consider how you will invest in the No Greater Joy campaign. We are asking you to invest sacrificially over the next 26 months to renovate and upgrade our East Memphis and Collierville campuses. We will kick off the No Greater Joy campaign on September 21st which culminates on October 26th with a “Give Day.”

Our giving to God is always proportional to our trust in God, which is why we are asking all Highpointers to participate in the No Greater Joy campaign. We know that not everyone can give equally, but everyone can give sacrificially.

Look at the chart below and find your place, then commit to move up at least one level as an act of faith. This chart gives you a snapshot of the number of givers and amounts needed over the next 26 months to reach our goal.

Commitment Level Monthly Payment (26 months) Partners Committing Total Commitment
$250,000 $9,615.38 1 $250,000
$150,000 $5,769.23 2 $300,000
$100,000 $3,846.15 5 $500,000
$75,000 $2,884.62 10 $750,000
$50,000 $1,923.08 12 $600,000
$25,000 $961.54 25 $625,000
$10,000 $384.62 40 $400,000
$5,000 $192.31 75 $375,000
$2,500 $96.15 240 $600,000
$1,000 $38.46 600 $600,000
Total:   1010 $5,000,000

To learn more about your investment, please click on the Investment Guide below.

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Video Resources

Coming Home : A Highpoint Church Vision Film

Special Guest : Bob Goff


Special Guest : Clayton King


It Was Here


Luke 15:11-32 / Rejoice Quickly



Answers to Questions You Might Have
What are the target dates for Phase 1 Renovation?

We will have firm dates as the campaign progresses. Below is a list of what we plan to complete during Phase 1:

East Memphis Campus:

  • Exterior improvements: parking, landscaping, and signage
  • Expanded and renovated auditorium: theater-style seating, lighting, video projection, HVAC upgrades, and interior design
  • Student Centers: middle and high school ministries

Collierville Campus:

  • Investing in a permanent campus we can call home
  • Auditorium improvements: new seats, lighting, and video projection
  • Children and student improvements: equipment and furniture for new environments
How much does all of this cost?

Our goal is to raise $5 million dollars through the No Greater Joy campaign. Numbers will be finalized for each phase of the project in the coming months.

What will Phase 2 look like and when will it begin?
The phases will be determined by how much we raise and then prioritized accordingly. There will be a campaign in Fall 2017 to focus on Phase 2.
What is a Vision Walk?
We offered several Vision Walks as an opportunity for Pastor Chris and Pastor Andy to walk our partners around our facilities and talk through future renovations in light of our newly developed Master Plan. There are no upcoming Vision Walks at this time, but please click here to enjoy a recap of one.
How does giving work with multiple campuses?
We are one organization operating as a non-profit 501c3. At this stage in our development, there will be times when the East Campus strategically invests in the future of the Collierville Campus.
How will the money that was raised in the Take a Seat campaign be used?
We raised $94,736 in that campaign.  Although these funds fell short of the total required to complete the required upgrades, all of the money received in the Take a Seat campaign will go directly to our efforts to upgrade the auditorium, which includes new seating as well as comprehensive finish and technology upgrades.
What was accomplished during the Building for the Future campaign?
We purchased the $7.25 million East Memphis campus and completed extensive renovations to the restrooms and nursery as well as many other minor renovations.
Why are we really doing all of this?
 “It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to God.” Acts 15:19 (NIV)

For any additional information, please email ngj@highpointmemphis.com